E114: Marissa Platton, Teacher, Austintown Local Schools, “Over 50% of educators quit the profession….I was gonna be one of them.”


Quote: “Over 50% of educators quit the profession completely in the first five years of teaching, and I was gonna be one of them.”


On today’s episode of Spanning The Need, Anthony Spano is joined by Marissa Platton, a mathematics educator at Austintown Local School District. Marissa discusses today, her six year’s experience as a tutor, half of which was affected by the pandemic. She talks about almost quitting in her first year and how she navigates teaching as a profession now.

Marissa shares her experience as a mathematics educator. She discusses the challenges she faced in her first year as a teacher and how the Ohio Education Association OEA and other unions supported her. She describes how COVID has impacted the students and educational system and how to keep the teaching profession alive despite the impacts of the pandemic. The episode ends as Marissa offers advice to future educators to jump in and always advocate for their students.

Tune in to the show now to explore:

  • Marissa’s teaching career
  • Handling teaching and students pre-COVID and post-COVID
  • The evolution of the educational system due to the pandemic
  • How to keep the teaching profession thriving in uncertain times
  • A fun Q&A session where Marissa answers random questions about her professional and personal life

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