Eat Your Favorite Piece of Pie..What makes you Happy?

National Pie Day on January 23rd celebrates one of the Nations’ favorite desserts. No matter how you slice it, pie in just about any form makes a crowd happy. Fruit pies, berry pies, cream pies – they are mouthwatering servings of homemade goodness.


National Pie Day simply celebrates the pie. Everyone is invited to bake their favorite pie, but more importantly, the day reminds us to enjoy eating pies! The only other question to ask is, will it be al a mode?

Did you know, the first pies appeared around 9500 BC in the Egyptian Neolithic period or New Stone Age? So, humans have been eating pies for a very long time. And with so many to choose from, we shouldn’t have any problem finding one we like. After all, we celebrate the day twice a year (plus their cousin National Pi Day).

Fun Tidbit – Pie throwing:
Cream-filled or topped pies are favorite props for humor. Throwing a pie in a person’s face has been a staple of film comedy since Ben Turpin received one in Mr. Flip in 1909.


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The day also offers a perfect opportunity to give a shout-out to your favorite bakery. They always serve up the best and flakiest crusts. And we know, sometimes that bakery is known as Grandma’s House. Use the holiday to honor her by learning to bake her best recipes. Take a lesson or two from the master! Or try a new recipe together.

No matter how you celebrate, be sure to use #NationalPieDay to post on social media.

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