E119: Bob Hagan, 33rd District Democratic Candidate-Discusses Solutions To Improve The District


We’re almost wrapping up the campaign season for the November elections. Who has your best interests at the forefront?

In today’s episode, we’re joined by Ohio’s 33rd state senate district candidate, Bob Hagan. As a legislator for 28 years, he shares his political aspiration for the 33rd district and what distinguishes him from his main opponent.

Bob expounds on his plans for solving the funding problem in district schools, bringing businesses into the district, and three top issues he’s looking to address if elected. Additionally, he shares his biggest professional mistake, actions to curb violence in the community, and his best memory in life.

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  • Plan to help school districts
  • Bringing jobs/businesses into the district
  • Issues addressing the 33rd District
  • Curbing violence in communities
  • and Much more.

Note: STN reached out to Senator Rulli, but due to prior commitments he was unable to appear on the show.

Key Highlights

  • When you take away people’s rights and start damaging opportunities, it signals there is a battle.
  • Tax breaks imposed on corporate elites mean someone has to pay for them. The middle class & the poor have to pay more.
  • The key to solving poverty in a particular area is bringing back businesses and well-paying jobs in the region.

Episode Highlights

Plan to help district schools

Bob focuses on finding out a way that equalizes the opportunities for every single kid to get educated on the same level through

  • Ensuring district schools are funded fairly
  • Paying teachers well
  • Ensuring the school system is treated differently due to the demographics in the area.

Bringing jobs/businesses into the district

The key to solving poverty is getting well-paying jobs or businesses in the area.  Bob will focus on

  • Finding out what people need and giving some entrepreneurial help, such as finances
  • Treating people with respect
  • Ensuring good wage payment

Top issues he will address in the 33rd district

  • Education- fair education and a world-renowned education system for our kids so that they can progress into doing some wonderful things
  • Tax systems- Bob advocates for a fair tax system as it’s not fair right now. Republicans have moved towards giving corporate elites tax breaks which means the poor and middle-class people must pay for them.
  • Transport- Expand the transportation system so that people should be able to move about in the state

How to curb violence in communities

  • Gun Control- 35,000 people in a year die at the end of a gun. People are endangered, and society is scaring the hell out of people. There are so many guns with no proper training.
  • Increase background checks for gun owners.
  • Mind what you say. What you say is important. Think critically and get your facts right.


  • “It’s not about money. It’s about healthcare. It’s about health and improving our health.”
  • “In politics, you know that you really have to learn how to compromise. And I think as I got older, I realized as time runs out, compromise is probably your best friend.”
  • “It’s important in a democracy that people have an opportunity to see both sides of every issue.”

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