E116: Congressman Bill Johnson, 6th District of Ohio discusses the local issues & how to combat them!


Quote: “Be a part of a team and understand the value of bringing people together to help you accomplish a goal.”


On today’s episode of Spanning The Need, Anthony Spano is joined by Congressman Bill Johnson, who represents Ohio’s 6th Congressional District. Congressman Johnson speaks today on the impact of the upcoming elections on local districts and how local issues are sorted out at the district level.

Congressman starts by describing his political background. He moves on to address the upcoming elections and the impact this will have on a local level. He talks about the issues facing America on a large scale, diving deeper into the supply chain and energy issues present. The episode wraps up as Congressman Johnson answers rapid fun questions asked by our host, taking us a little bit into Congressman Johnson’s personal and professional life.

Tune in to the show now to explore:

  • How Congressman Johnson began his political career
  • Combating the local issues present in the Ohio district
  • The impact of the pandemic on America and how to revive the American dream for the people
  • Tackling the energy and supply chain issues present in the country
  • A fun Q&A session where Congressman Johnson answers random questions about his professional and personal life

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