Group Cleans-up Enormous Amount of Trash Along Creek in Trumbull County

The Friends of Mahoning River picked-up enormous amounts of trash along the Chocolate Run Creek in Leavittsburg (LaBrae), Ohio this past week. Neighbors noticed about 20 large garbage bags of trash dumped over the Chocolate Run Creek bridge on Eagle Creek Road in Leavittsburg Ohio. In mid-September individuals notified Warren Township about this dumpsite on Chocolate Run Creek. This site was very close to the Mahoning River and individuals, along side the Friends of Mahoning River wanted to avoid an environmental mess.



The WT Road Department has legal restrictions regarding removal of trash that is not directly on a roadside. This didn’t stop the efforts of this group and they got creative. Members of the organization paddled aluminum boats up and down the creek to pick up the trash. In addition, they used bobcats and dump-truck to hall out all of the trash vis-à-vis through the property on the water. WT Road Department assisted with this endeavor by taking the trash from truck to dumpsters. The Friends of the Mahoning River helped with awesome enthusiasm!

This is a great example of individuals and groups coming together for a common good and putting passion into action.



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