E84: #SpanningtheNeed & Malutic announced Winners for Girls’ Softball and Boys’ Baseball & Coaches of Mahoning Valley “Best of the Best”


(Youngstown, Ohio) Spanning the Need with Anthony Spano, and Malutic Live with Austin Malutic announce the 2021 Mahoning Valley Fan Baseball/Softball Players/Coaches of the Year as voted on by the fans. The voting, which lasted two weeks upon completion of the regular season, drew over 9101 votes, which were cast by Mahoning Valley area sports fans.

We are grateful for the support of the community during these difficult times. The list was compiled by the community in multiple ways during the allotted time frame through the specific schools and recommendations.  The goal was to recognize outstanding performances this past season and honor their achievements.
Winners include:

About Spanning the Need
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