Updated: How You Can help the East Palestine Community: Spanning the Need Created a List of Resources for Individuals or Groups to Help

Created: Feb. 8
Updated: Feb 16

The recent train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio has affected many people and communities and has left many residents feeling concerned and uncertain about the future. In times like these, it’s important for the community to come together to help those in need.

This information will outline ways for community members to help those affected by the train derailment.

  • Stay informed: Stay updated on the latest developments and news related to the derailment. This information can help you determine the most effective ways to help and how best to respond.
  • Respect the privacy of those affected: Remember that the people affected by the derailment may not want to talk about their experiences. Respect their privacy and allow them the time and space they need to heal.
  • Offer emotional support: People affected by the derailment may need emotional support. Consider reaching out to local organizations to see if they need volunteers to provide emotional support and counseling.
  • Volunteer your time: Many organizations are seeking volunteers to help with the response and recovery efforts. Contact local organizations and see if they need any assistance.
  • Support local businesses: The train derailment has impacted local businesses, and it’s important for the community to support them during this difficult time. Consider patronizing local businesses to help them stay afloat.
  • Platt Insurance: fruit, packaged cookies, bottled water, bottled Gatorade, small bottles of juice, cans of chicken and tuna, etc.Hygiene products, Children’s items and small crafts/books and Baby Items
  • East Palestine High School teachers collect donations to provide items needed by their students who were affected by the evacuation.
  • Hubbard High School Students raising money by organizing a benefit dinner in March
  • The Way Station, food, clothing, hygiene products
  • Brightside Project, food, clothing, hygiene products
  • Northern Borders Kennels, boarded dogs whose families were evacuated until the evacuation zone expanded, affecting the kennel.
  • Bearded Brothers Moving Co. of Boardman helped moved dogs to safety
  • Columbiana Humane Society is taking in pets whose owners were evacuated
  • Animal Charity is taking in pets using a warehouse the organization just purchased to house the animals whose owners were evacuated
  • Angels for Animals is providing crates and carriers for pets
  • Community Action Agency of Columbiana County offers vouchers for derailment victims and also has a food pantry where they can get food
  • American Red Cross sheltering people at East Palestine High School and providing supplies
  • Abundant Life Fellowship Church in New Waterford is providing temporary housing and paying some expenses for those affected

There are many ways for members of the community to help with the East Palestine train derailment. Whether it’s through donating supplies, volunteering your time, or offering support to those in need, every little bit helps. The community can come together to support those affected and work towards a brighter future.

This list has been compiled by the STN Staff to help spread the word on helping the East Palestine community. If you or a group is helping out and would like to be listed in this article, please email your information to info@spanningtheneed.com.


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