The 2022 STN Inspirational Person of the Year is Chelsea Spears

Chelsea Spears, morning-noon anchor at WKBN 27 First News, has been voted the recipient of Spanning the Need’s “2022 Inspirational Person of the Year” award in partnership with The Holly Ritchie Team. The announcement came today.

“I was 21 when I was diagnosed with depression,” Chelsea noted. “In the seven years since then, I have learned a lot …

“I’ve learned depression can make you lose friends; make you feel alone and you will probably always battle dark thoughts …I have also learned you can restore relationships and you are loved, more than you know.”

STN hopes to help create more awareness surrounding the kind acts from others that may go unrecognized. The hope is to teach important social and emotional lessons while spotlighting those extraordinary individuals and or groups with the hopes that these stories will inspire and motivate others to give back.

“I have also learned you can fight the dark thoughts with everything you’ve got. If you are struggling, lost or overwhelmed, don’t let your brain feed you lies because YOU are worth it. You are strong and you have so much more left to give this world. Getting help isn’t weak, it is healthy. Your life is worth it. Fight for it,” stated Chelsea.

During her time at WKBN 27 First News, Spears was nominated for an Emmy for Best Daytime Newscast and in 2022, was also nominated by the local American Heart Association to be a Woman of Impact nominee.

She won the “Inspiring the Community” award for her efforts in raising almost $13,000 and rallying the community to lead heart-healthier lives.

Spears said sharing her story was an easy one to help end the stigma surrounding mental health. “If you are struggling, you are not alone,” she added. “Keep on living life and pushing through those dark days. I know it is hard but we can do it together.”

Person of the Week was launched in 2021 to motivate our community to live a quality life. We feel that these recipients will “Inspire the Uninspired” in our community by way of volunteer work or their business. In addition providing random acts of kindness at home, on the job, in the classroom, the athletic field or in our neighboring communities.

The winner was announced live on our Facebook, YouTube and Twitter pages and is being done in partnership with the Holly Ritchie Team.

“It is important that we show recognition to those who give back to the community,” stated Holly Ritchie.


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