E127: The Meaning of Christmas, Embracing Life & Christianity with Pastor Joe Cameneti, Sr.


Christmas is one of the most important and cultural holidays of the year, but what is the true meaning of Christmas? In today’s episode, we’ll talk with Pastor Joe of the Believers’ Church in Warren, Ohio. In addition to Joe’s story of his journey to becoming a believer, he will teach us how to become holy and maintain it as Christians. He will also educate us on the meaning and symbolism of the Christmas holiday, one of the most important holidays worldwide.

Tune In to learn more than over

  • Pastors Joe’s Background
  • How he become a Pastor
  • Why Joe Blamed God for the Death of His Brother
  • The True Meaning of Christmas
  • and much much more.

Key Takeaways

  • There is a sole purpose for why we were all born, and God knew it even before we were formed in the womb.
  • As a God’s minister, you have two roles: Bring people back to Christ and turn them into disciples.
  • We become holy by following the teachings of Jesus Christ our Lord by following the Bible.
  • Christmas is one of the most important holidays for Christians because we remind ourselves that a baby was born to die.

Quotes from the Show

  • “As you age, you just want to make sure your life’s work did it last, and then you want to make sure that it keeps having the impact of changing lives and helping people.”
  • “In order to keep serving the community, you have to be authentic. You have to have checks and balances.”
  • “I encourage people not to do what I did when my brother died, and give up on God and just keep striving for the best.”
  • “One of our goals that we changed is, we don’t want to just draw a crowd, we want to turn people into disciples and so you have to make an effort, and do something specifically for that to happen.”
  • “To build a bridge means we want to be culturally relevant. And then I don’t want to hammer people with what they’re doing wrong because you’ll push them away. I want to teach them the right thing; only God can push them to do those things.
  • “One of the things I thought the pandemic really did that was positive is we didn’t realize how much we loved corporate worship, and when we opened back up, that was the number one thing people told me.”
  • “What I love about Christmas is that we celebrate it once a year because we need to remind ourselves that a baby was born to die.”
  • “I want to focus on the fact that no matter what’s going on in my life, God is going to walk me through it, and God is working for my good. He’s going to help me get out of that eventually, or He’s also going to grow me through it.”
  • “What God is looking for is for us to walk by faith, not by sight. And so whether I understand it or not, I’m going to love God and follow Him, I’m going to trust him. And that’s the attitude God is looking for in you and me and all of us.”
  • “Focus on the very purpose, which is Christ. Pray and ask him to open up your eyes further to him and make himself real to you.”


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