E123: A Different Type of News & Entertainment Network in Northeast Ohio the 330toGO Media Network..Promoting the good things in the Community and the Holiday Season.


#SpanningtheNeed sits down with Jess and Hank of 330ToGO Media Network to discuss the good things they are doing in the community and this Holiday season in Northeast Ohio. The many good laughs and things that were discussed was a great time.

330ToGO provides breaking news coverage, entertainment, traffic updates, and sports and event coverage through Facebook postings and Live broadcasts, also through Facebook.

Tune in to learn more:

  • How the organization got started.
  • What they do in Northeast Ohio.
  • The Holiday Specials they have coming up…Holiday Light Loops and Parking Meters w/City of Cuyahoga Falls.
  • The future of the Media Network.
  • and much more.

More at: https://spanningtheneed.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/330togo
Website: 330togo.com


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