E121: A Veterans Day Special w/Leo Connelly, Jr. as he talks about hidden scars of war, PTSD and so much more. “Veterans deserve to be celebrated.”


Veterans Special Day With Leo Connelly, Jr.

Freedom costs lives, hidden scars of war, PTSD, and so much more! Veterans deserve to be celebrated. We owe it to them!

In this episode, Leo Connley joins us on the show as we celebrate Veterans’ special day.  Leo served as a veteran in the controversial Vietnam War and later as the Mahoning County Veterans Service Commission district commander.

In the session, Leo shares his background as a veteran, his experience serving in the controversial Vietnam war, and sustaining wounds when rescuing an American Soldier. We also dive into his purple heart award in 2019, the Mahoning County veteran service, as well as some fun rapid-fire questions.

Key Takeaways

  • Learn to give back if you receive help as a veteran. You owe it to someone else. You don’t have to do it weekly but at least once a year.
  • What works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for the other. You need to figure out what fits best for you in overcoming PTSD or alcoholism.
  • If any veteran in war says they aren’t scared, it’s a lie. They are scared of death even on their first day.

Episode Highlights

Mental health for veterans

Mental health cuts across the country, both for veterans & non-veterans. However, military combats are highly exposed to PTSD and end up indulging in alcoholism.

It’s always hard for strong veterans to come forward and share what they are dealing with.

Leo’s experience in the Vietnam war

In Leo’s generation, you either joined the military, penitentiary or college. He joined the military and went to the Vietnam war on March 28, 1967. Leo doing a lot in the war, something he has not gotten over to date since the order to kill any moving thing.

Getting his purple heart & what it meant for him

Having served the country & rescuing a fellow soldier, Leo received 22 medals, three army recommendations, and a purple heart in 2019.

Leo currently focuses on helping veterans receive treatment and the benefits they deserve.

How Leo got started in educating the public

Leo started as a member of the Disabled American Veterans and has gone up the ladder from Junior vice, senior vice commander, to District Commander.  Just by word of mouth, the word gets out there. He believes in helping veterans who will, in turn, help other veterans.


  • “You don’t have to do something every week. You can do something once a year.”
  • “I always tell them if I can’t get you what you want, then we need to look for that door.”
  • “There isn’t enough gold in Fort Knox. There is enough money printed to stop me. It was a privilege to wear that uniform. It would be a privilege to put it back on again. “
  • “I love when you tell me I can’t do it. Right. That’s when I work.”
  • “I’ve gone through a lot in my life. Most guys could never walk the walk I walk. But if it isn’t for God answering all my prayers, I could never repay Him other than thanking Him every day and every night.”

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