E117: Lou Lyras, Democratic Candidate for U.S. Congress – Ohio 6th District discusses the important Issues & talks about figuring out ways to work together.


Quote: “We have to figure out ways to work together.”


On today’s episode of Spanning The Need, Anthony Spano welcomes Lou Lyras, a nominee for Ohio’s sixth Congressional District in Ohio. Lou is an entrepreneur and the founder of many companies. Today, Lou shares with us his game plan for the upcoming elections, addressing major issues present in the district.

The conversation begins with Lou giving a brief introduction and an insight into his political career. He emphasizes the importance of battling issues present in the district. He further discusses his campaign plans for the upcoming elections and how to curb violence in the community.

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Tune in to the show now to explore:

  • Lou’s political background
  • The importance of a collective bargaining agreement.
  • Issues affecting the sixth district and how Lou plans to tackle them
  • Steps to help curb the violence in the community
  • A fun Q&A session where Lou answers random questions about his professional and personal life

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