E113: Justin Jennings, Superintendent, Youngstown City Schools talks about importance/mindset on the future of the System

Quote: “We shouldn’t be fighting each other, we should be looking at how we can fix the system.”




Starting a new season of Spanning The Need, Anthony Spano has invited Justin Jennings to the show to share his experience, challenges, and results as the newly elected Superintendent of Youngstown City Schools. Justin was a professional basketball player before an injury ended his career. Today, Justin shares with us the challenges that come with his new position and how he aims to change the mindset of the public in Youngstown and advance academic pursuits.

Justin begins by sharing a little about his background and what surrounded his move to Youngstown. He speaks extensively on his new role as Superintendent and how this largely involves changing the mindset of the people. He talks about some challenges many don’t realize and how he hopes to solve them to improve the academic standings of Youngstown City Schools. Justin touches on how trauma, mental issues, and security issues are being handled and how he plans to leave a legacy behind.

Tune in to the show now to explore:

  • Justin’s background and how he became the Superintendent of Youngstown City Schools
  • The importance of changing the mindset of people about Youngstown and leadership in general
  • Why strategic plans are important for development and advancement
  • Dismantling the stigma surrounding trauma and mental health issues
  • A fun Q&A session where Justin answers random questions about his professional and personal life

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