E78: Cleveland Browns Pre-Draft Podcast Show Panel coming Monday Night

(Youngstown, OH) – Spanning the Need will be doing a live Cleveland Browns Pre-Draft podcast Show on Monday, April 26, 2021, at 7 pm. The podcast will air on Spanning the Need” Facebook.

The show will cover a variety of segments on the show; a recap of the 2020 Season/Pandemic, Off-Season Free Agency, Draft Opportunities for the Browns, and Future of the Cleveland Browns, just to name a few. The panel will be able to take questions from the viewers, where the viewers can submit questions in the comment section of the broadcast. Also, a new feature, Browns fans will be able to be on the show through a special link that will be provided to the viewers interested in being a part of the Pre-Draft Show conversation.

Participants for the show will be:
Anthony Spano, Moderator & Host
Felix Wright, former Cleveland Browns player;
Mike McLain, a former sportswriter with the Warren Tribune Chronicle & their Browns’ Beat writer for over 30 years;
Gary Flauto, Browns enthusiast.

With more to come …

About Spanning the Need
Anthony Spano created the podcast “Spanning the Need.” This podcast examines a variety of subjects that impact everyday life around the world. Some of the topics include politics, heartfelt-feel good stories, health, education, sports, and giveaways. The show is new, but Anthony felt a calling to tell the stories and launch his podcast in 2020 as it’s a part of his Master’s course requirement. More info at AnthonyVSpano.com.



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