E108: OEA President to Appear on #SpanningtheNeed for “Teacher Appreciation Week,” A Heart of A Teacher


On this episode of Spanning The Need, Anthony Spano is joined by Scott DiMauro, the president of the Ohio Education Association (OEA) who has over 30 years of experience as an educator. In celebration of Teacher Appreciation Week, Scott joins Anthony to discuss the challenges faced by the education system and how to improve the lives of educators. Scott begins the conversation by sharing his experience as an educator and how he began his teaching career.

He discusses the current state of the education system and why educators are finding it difficult to impact students in the current system. He delves into the issue of funding many schools face and how politics affects decisions made in and for schools. The episode rounds off with Scott calling for resources to be allocated to schools based on needs for the betterment of students and teachers alike.

Tune in to the show now to explore:
– How the education system has evolved over the years and the pressure of standardized testing
– Improving the school system for educators and students alike
– The impacts and benefits of unionism and how the OHEA improves the lives of educators
– The influence of politics on the education system and how educators can get involved
– Managing the impacts of the pandemic on students


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